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Here at our awesome company, we totally get it – you need to reach your target market and make some money! That’s why we offer a whole bunch of digital marketing services, like collaborating with businesses of all sizes and partnering with other UK digital marketers to help them slay online. Our tailored services are perfect for your biz needs, whether you’re looking to score leads or want to be selling products 24/7. Our professional team of experts knows exactly what’s what and can help you find and engage with your audience like a pro. We’re here to support you every step of the way and make sure your online presence is stronger than everyone else’s. From solo entrepreneurs to massive corporations, everyone gets our unbeatable attention. Let’s crush your goals with creative and innovative digital marketing tactics!

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"Code Four Digital offers an amazing service from start to finish! Blair is extremely professional and quick to respond to any questions/concerns I have ever had."

N Billington

Our Projects

Our team of superstars doesn’t just take on any project – we carefully analyse the unique needs and goals of each client to ensure they get the results they deserve. Our track record? Exceptional results that leave our clients speechless (in a good way, of course). We don’t believe in simply meeting expectations – we blow them right out of the water. No challenge is too big for us to tackle, and we’re constantly upping our game. Our clients trust us implicitly, and we take that seriously. We could go on and on about how amazing we are, but we’d rather let our work do the talking – so check out some of our past projects and join forces with us to make your own dreams come true.

About Us

Code Four Digital is not just your average SEO agency, we’re the whole package – dynamic and located in the beautiful town of Macclesfield. Our team of highly trained professionals will give your website the TLC it deserves! We don’t just stop at SEO, oh no! Our team of programmers and developers are on hand to ensure that you get the most out of every website we work on. We cater to businesses both big and small, and we’re not afraid of a challenge!

Our extensive team of experts includes everything from digital specialists and content creators to web developers. We work together like a well-oiled machine, to ensure that your campaign is flawlessly executed. We don’t discriminate, we work with everyone from self-employed entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. Not only that, but we also collaborate with other agencies in our agency partnership program for that added oomph! We’ll help you achieve your goals and then some.