Nifty £50 Website

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If you’re looking to setup your website without the expense of design and development costs, then you’ve come to the right place. We help business start-ups and small local businesses get their website online for an affordable price and give you a cheap alternative to DIY websites. Our offers are designed to significantly reduce your start-up costs associated with web design & development meaning that ROI is achievable after your first job!

Offer ends soon


nifty £50 - here's what you get

This offer is designed to significantly reduce your start-up costs associated with launching a website meaning that ROI should be achievable after your first job!

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Content Writing – You have to provide us with the required text for each page of your website. If you’d prefer to have this written for you, then we can arrange a quote for this additional service. It’s not expensive to have written for you, we just have limits to what we can provide for £50.

Design / Layout Alterations – This is not a custom website. You do not have the option to request a tweak or adjustment to the layout/design without incurring a fee. Please note that we never charge fees without your approval.

Domains – We don’t buy your domain name for you. You should ALWAYS purchase your own domain name directly from a registrar as this is what gives you master control of your domain name. 

Emails– We often get asked the question about business emails. Business emails are not included with our web hosting. We can help you get this setup but we don’t provide business emails as a service/product.

SSL – We will issue a Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate and install this for your website to use whilst hosted with us. SSL certificates are not transferable.

Hosting – Once you have taken advantage of our 6 months free web hosting included within this deal, web Hosting is then billed at £120 per year payable by 31st December each year. You may have a part year web hosting invoice for the remaining months of the year to bring you into this payment cycle. You must have an active hosting account for your website to be live.

Moving Your Site to Another Host– All related licenses are non-transferrable. Moving your website to another provider will require you to purchase your own licenses for any premium plugins used on your website. The licenses must be switched prior to the migration. If you require us to help with the migration, then please get in touch so we can provide you with a cost.